Jacky Wu to host livestream with Wang Lei at Bedok on May 29

Jacky Wu to host livestream with Wang Lei at Bedok on May 29
Wang Lei (left) and Jacky Wu are hosting a livestream in Bedok tonight (May 29).
PHOTO: Facebook/Wang Lei

Wang Lei will be hosting a livestream at Bedok tonight (May 29), and he has a special guest in tow.

The local getai singer-actor shared in a Facebook post earlier today: "Welcome king of variety shows Jacky Wu to Singapore!"

The accompanying photo shows the 61-year-old "fish-selling brother" with the veteran Taiwanese host-singer at a restaurant.

Wang Lei continued: "Tonight we will be hosting a live broadcast outdoors at Bedok Central. Brother Jacky has something important to announce!"

He added that the livestream will take place at 8.30pm.

This isn't the first time the duo is meeting up to host a livestream.


Back in December 2022, Wang Lei headed to Taiwan to sell goods live with Jacky, 60. They reportedly achieved 30,000 viewers within the first 30 minutes of their livestream and made sales of approximately NT$34 million (S$1.5 million) in two hours.

Fans of Wang Lei and Jacky showed their enthusiasm in the comments of the Facebook post.

"Line up early!" wrote a fan.

Another wrote: "[The stream] is going to blow up tonight!"

One fan had a different priority altogether, writing: "Can I go over and give Jacky a kiss?"





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