Jay Chou shares dating tips with son who's just turned two

PHOTO: Instagram/Jay Chou

He's just turned two years old, and his dad Jay Chou's already dishing out tips on how to get the girls.

"Happy birthday to my cool son Jaylen Romeo," the Mandopop king wrote in an Instagram post on Tuesday (June 25), revealing his son's full name for the first time.

"I hope that you will grow up and diligently master the piano. This way, like daddy, you will also be able to marry a beautiful wife haha," said the 40-year-old.

As his family celebrated the tot's second birthday, Jay finally let fans catch a glimpse of his children's faces in a photo.

But the young siblings had their sunglasses on, pulling off their dad's signature look.

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PHOTO: Weibo/Hannah Quinlivan

On the same day, Jay's wife Hannah shared a heartwarming video of father and son playing bubble football on a grass field.

The 25-year-old mum also penned a heartfelt message to Romeo:

"Time passes so quickly, in a blink of the eye, you are now two; a mini superman who can compete with your daddy.

"I hope that you will be happy forever and become a kind and brave man when you grow up.

"I heard that sons distance themselves from their mother when they grow up. They will turn shy and fall in love with someone else.

"So now that you have not grown up, now that you are still willing to stick with mummy, I want to grow up with you."



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