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Jennifer Love Hewitt will always cherish friendship with late Betty White

Jennifer Love Hewitt will always cherish friendship with late Betty White
PHOTO: Instagram/Jenniferlovehewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt says that she will always "cherish" her friendship with the late Betty White.

The former Ghost Whisperer star will always remember the friendship she shared with the Golden Girls star — who passed away on Dec 31 last year, just weeks before her 100th birthday — which developed after they worked together on the 2011 Hallmark Hall of Fame movie The Lost Valentine. 

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the 41-year-old actress — who bonded over her love of Betty's work as a child with her grandmother — said: "There was something about her and I that just meant to be and I really feel that way and people that saw us together felt that way. I will just cherish it always."

The 911 star "just hit off" with the five-time Primetime Emmy Award  when she recalled how they became such fast friends.

Jennifer said: "She just sat down next to me in the hair and makeup trailer and she was like, 'So what does it feel like to no longer be the hot leading lady, because that's me.'

"She had this sweet bun and a hot dog next to her, it was like five o'clock in the morning. And I was like, 'What are you doing?' and she's like, 'These are my favourite foods, don't judge,' and I was like, 'okay' and we just hit off."

She also praised the Hot in Cleveland star for being "the one person I can say, in Hollywood, is exactly who we want her to be, like she would never let you down on who she is and that is just her naturally trying to be Betty, like she is just everything you want her to be".

Jennifer revealed it was "beautiful" to her that Betty was wearing the present — a Tiffany's heart diamond pendant — she gave her when she died.

She said: "She had it on when she passed and a friend of hers called me and said, 'You know we have to take the necklace off', but it was the first time in 11 years that she took that off and that's who Betty was, she knew, that for me, it meant something to give her my heart and she wore it every day, and every time she heard my name, you can go back and look at countless interviews and that little diamond, her necklace, that she wears is for me, and she would kiss it and she would always make sure that I knew she had it on and it was so beautiful to me that it was with her in her last moment."

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