Jeremy Chan injures hand during filming, gets 'TLC' from doting wife Jesseca Liu

Local actor Jeremy Chan injured his right hand during filming and received tender loving care ('TLC') from fellow celebrity and wife, Jesseca Liu.

Asked how he got hurt, the 37-year-old told Lianhe Zaobao: "I was shooting a scene where I had to hit my hand against the wall and used too much force.

"My hand was a little swollen and I thought it would be fine after applying some ice on it.

"The next day, I hit the same hand when filming again.

"On the third day, I shot a scene where I hit a locker door. As I felt that it was more realistic to use my fist, I put up with the pain and shot five takes, injuring my hand as a result."

As he did not want to delay the filming process, Chan went on to shoot a fight scene.

"My wife, who was at the scene, helped me to apply medicine. I was in great pain and knew something wasn't right," he added.

The following day, Chan visited a doctor. An X-ray revealed that he had suffered a fracture.

The doctor recommended that Chan see a specialist but due to work commitments, he only put on a plaster cast after another two days.

Referring to Liu, who felt heartache over his injury, Chan quipped: "It was her who helped to remove my makeup, wash my face and change clothes.

"I feel like Yang Guo and she is Little Dragon Girl, hahaha!"