Jerry Yan shows off his ripped bod on new show where he romances co-star 20 years younger

PHOTO: Weibo

From a Taiwanese idol to a hunk, actor Jerry Yan has longbottomed since he first burst onto the showbiz scene with Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden.

He also has the receipt to show for it as his new drama series featured a 30-second scene of himself sitting in a bathtub.

And he was definitely ripped.

The scene aired during the premiere of his new rom-com Chinese series Count Your Lucky Star and sees Jerry's character in quiet contemplation while soaking in the tub. We're also willing to bet a pretty penny that fans were probably also in deep thought about his muscular physique which left little to the imagination.

It was reported that some fans were a little embarrassed by the revealing scene and digitally edited the image to help cover Jerry up. But hey, if you've got it, why not flaunt it? In fact, it might actually be a waste to let all that work go to waste.

An edited image that shows a clothed Jerry during the bathtub scene. PHOTO: Weibo

Because yes, the 43-year-old was said to have undergone a rigorous regime to train and maintain his shape. The star reportedly works out one hour every day and keeps a close watch on his diet. To that end, he even hired a personal trainer and a nutritionist.

The show has also been making waves prior to its premiere yesterday (Aug 3) due to the 20-year age gap between Jerry and his Chinese co-star Shen Yue. In the show, he plays the powerful editor-in-chief of a magazine who accidentally swaps fortunes with a struggling, down-on-her-luck fashion designer (Shen Yue) after an accidental kiss.

As Shen Yue is only 23 years old, grossed-out viewers have likened the relationship between the leads to an 'uncle-niece romance'.

According to media reports, Jerry was initially pressured by, firstly, having to star in a romantic comedy series at his age, and secondly, the large age gap between him and Shen Yue. It's said that this led to a tense atmosphere on set.

Despite the backlash, it seems that the show is still getting fans excited and all hot and bothered.

Perhaps that could also have something to do with the fact this is a Meteor Garden reunion of sorts — Jerry played the male lead in the 2001 Taiwanese adaptation while Shen Yue played the female lead in the 2018 Chinese adaptation.

Regardless, Jerry's youthful boyish looks (and muscular body) seems set to win audiences over, and if the trailer is any indication, it seems like a genuinely fun ride.