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Jesseca Liu on popularity contests: Winning awards and your affinity with the audience are sometimes not related

Jesseca Liu on popularity contests: Winning awards and your affinity with the audience are sometimes not related
PHOTO: Instagram/jesssseca

It's awards season once again as we approach the one time in a year when local artistes are recognised for their achievements in showbiz.

There's a slight change in this year's Star Awards as the number of nominees for the Top 10 Most Popular Award has been increased from 40 to 60 — 30 each for the male and female group. Among the female nominees is Malaysian actress Jesseca Liu, who has always had a strong and large following with local viewers.

Speaking to AsiaOne after the nominations were announced last month, the 42-year-old expressed her happiness at getting nominated in the popularity category. That said, she also shared that she won't stop acting even if she doesn't win anything.

We wondered, after so many years in the industry, does she even need to justify her popularity with an award? Jesseca replied: "I won't stop acting just because I didn't win any awards. The production teams also won't abandon me just because I didn't win anything.

"I don't think there's a big impact. Sometimes, there isn't much of a correlation between winning awards and your affinity with the audience.

"A few years ago, I didn't qualify for the categories so I didn't get a chance to be nominated for anything, but I continued taking on projects one after another and didn't lose my connection with the audience just because I didn't get any awards.

"So even though I'm nominated now, I will still stay the course, make good shows and get the audience's recognition. This is the best reward for me, in my opinion."

Concerned for the elderly voters

The voting system this year has also changed and for the first time, there will be no televoting for the Top 10 Most Popular Award categories. Instead, all voting will be done online.

This shift to a digital voting system has Jesseca concerned about the older folks and whether they'll face difficulties..

"I can't help but worry about the elders. After all, some of them may not be able to adapt to the change in voting method. Not everyone knows how to vote online," she said.


How to gauge one's popularity

When it comes to gauging one's popularity, Jesseca thinks that when a good show comes out that incites discussion among viewers, and the viewership gradually increases, the cast will naturally garner attention from the public.

On that note, she shared that she keeps track of the public's reaction to her roles so she can continue improving.

She said: "I will read the online comments, as well as feedback from friends and family. This way, I can make timely improvements."

Star Awards 2021 will be broadcasted live on April 18 on Channels 8 and U, with simulcast on meWATCH and Mediacorp Entertainment Channel on YouTube.

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