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JJ Lin responds to cryptic posts about him by mysterious netizen

JJ Lin responds to cryptic posts about him by mysterious netizen
Singer JJ Lin was tagged in two posts full of insinuations on Weibo on Dec 21, 2021.
PHOTO: Instagram/JJ Lin

SINGAPORE - Singer JJ Lin, 40, has issued a statement after two confusing and rambling posts full of insinuations, in which he was tagged, appeared on Weibo on Tuesday (Dec 21).

The ambiguous and lengthy messages began spreading on the social media platform due to its content, which included "After waiting for 30 days, we know that time is precious and we should treasure it. But I am very tired and beginning to wonder why I have to come here to contact someone".

It is not clear what issues the writer of the posts have with the singer-songwriter but Lin's work studio, JFJ Productions, issued a statement on its social media platforms on Wednesday night, saying: "We do not respond to those with ulterior motives in spreading rumours. We do not want to waste public resources because of the behaviour of a few trouble-makers. It does not mean that the the rumours are true."

The statement pointed out that certain news outlets had run the story without verification, calling them "extremely irresponsible", and reminding them that "your keyboards are sharp blades".

The statement also called on those with evidence of any wrongdoing by Lin to make a police report.

However, the netizen fired off another post after the statement, writing on Weibo on Thursday: "Today, I just want to express that I still believe in you while I work hard to withstand all the pressure and fear."

The post, which was in Chinese, ended with a rainbow emoji and an English sentence: "I am waiting for you."

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