Joey Meng aka Ma Xiaoling from My Date With A Vampire just turned 50, still a 'goddess'

PHOTO: Weibo/ 万绮雯工作室

The hocus-pocus and special effects may seem cheesy now.

But the 1998 Hong Kong drama My Date With A Vampire and its sequels have become cult classics with its love story between tragic vampire Kuang Tianyou and spunky ghostbuster Ma Xiaoling.

It also made lead actress Joey Meng — with her slender 43-inch-long legs — the dream girl of many men. That may still be true for the former beauty queen 22 years on.

Joey recently celebrated her 50th birthday (based on the lunar calendar) with a Facebook video post, in which she doesn't seem to have aged much at all.

She said in Cantonese: "Some people say a woman is at her best when she's aged 18. Hmm, that's not true. I think 'now' is the best age to be. A woman is the prettiest not when she's at a youthful 18, or at a mature 30. It's when she is always full of confidence."

The video ends with the caption '1970 + 50 = 2020. Happy birthday to me'.

In the comments section, many fans called her their goddess.

One said: "You must still be a vampire. You're as beautiful as Ma Xiaoling from (1998)."

今天是我农历生日,Happy Birthday to me~

Posted by 萬綺雯 Joey Meng on Sunday, October 18, 2020