Josh Brolin almost had bigger Guardian of the Galaxy role


The actor - who played villain Thanos - made his first appearance in the post-credits sequence for 'The Avengers', before reappearing in 'Guardians of the Galaxy', and it has been revealed plans were in place for him to have a much more significant part to play in the latter.

Charlie Wren - former visual development head for Marvel Studios - told Looper: "Thanos' role would have been significantly larger.

"We would have seen some of the relationship [and] tensions play out between him and his kids [...] Ronan's role would have decreased, with Thanos taking on more."

Instead, bosses went with a slow build to 'Infinity War' when Thanos would wipe out half of the world - but he was almost cut completely from 'Guardians'.

Wren added: "It was decided to cut Thanos out of 'Guardians' completely in order to have a slower reveal of him.

"It wasn't until right before the shoot that I was told that Thanos would have a role in the film, so designing him and his throne was pretty rushed. [...]

"I only had a couple days left to design him on his throne. I made some improvements from the first design, in which we saw the side of his face."

Wren also opened up about his work designing Thanos as a character, and revealed it was also "important" to match his iconic look from the comics.

he explained: "Because he was going to play such a defining role in the MCU later, it was important to capture the look that fans know of him: an enormous bulky purple frame, bluish fabric, complemented by a golden armour in the shape of a slight crescent moon accentuating his shoulders, leading up to large slits along his chin, and finally capped by a helmet that reflects the shape language of his body armour."