Julie Tan finds fengshui master's prediction on marrying late 'comforting'

Recall being nagged by your parents to pack your room to bring in good fengshui?

While the concept of fengshui may be iffy to some, the ideology found itself a convert after actress Julie Tan consulted a fengshui master in preparation for her latest project, fengshui-based local film The Fatekeepers. 

The Fatekeepers explores an alternate reality in which disasters threaten a Singapore where people are born into the five different fengshui elements. 

In an interview with AsiaOne at the lensing ceremony held on June 21, the 26-year-old shared that she had sought out a fengshui expert to better understand her role in the film. 

But an accurate reading from the master about her life turned her into a believer.

The cast of The Fatekeepers at a lensing ceremony on June 21. PHOTO: AsiaOne

She shared that the master had revealed that the bubbly actress might not be able to marry so early, but that revelation did little to startle her. In fact, it comforted her. 

That's surprising considering how Julie's relationship was at the centre of a very public feud with veteran actresses Pan Lingling and Hong Huifang

On her thoughts on marrying late, she is glad because it means she can focus on work first. 

After all, she is busy running her own entertainment company, her new cafe Botany by Dazzling Cafe, and also working as a Media Relations Director for global financial advisory firm Arton Capital. 

In a previous interview with AsiaOne, the actress even cheekily admitted that she has no time to date. 

As for the other cast members, they shared that fengshui plays a huge role in their lives.

Keeping true to his role as a fengshui expert in the film, actor Andie Chen said that he and his family are believers, with his wife, actress Kate Pang, frequently consulting the fengshui master on behalf of him.

Reflecting on the advice he received from these masters, the 34-year-old shared how their advice had helped him make sense of his problems. 

He said, "I feel that fengshui helps us understand ourselves more. It helps you reflect on your problems and find out how to fix it yourself."

Andie Chen at the lensing ceremony. PHOTO: AsiaOne

Fengshui was the hot topic of the morning as the flick dived deep into the mystical and magical elements of fengshui. 

With a promising lineup of actors Richie Koh, Andie Chen, Noah Yap and actresses Julie Tan and Regene Lim, one can expect an action-packed film like no other.

Directed by Daniel Yam, the mm2 Entertainment production explores tales of family, friendship and even betrayal when five strangers from different elements band together to stop a series of tragedies that have plagued Singapore.

Each character represents one of the five elements of wood, fire, water, earth and gold. 

And of course, with mystical elements in play the cast had to also try their hand at various action sequences.

Yam shared that the cast had to go through one to two days of training before filming scenes which required them to be suspended three floors up in the air with steel cables.

Speaking from experience, Julie confessed that the stunts will require a lot of stamina. She explained: "We have to do our stunts while acting out our lines and focusing on safety at the same time."

The cast had to also learn to do various martial-arts hand signs and footwork to conjure their elemental powers.

With the premise of the film set on an imminent disaster threatening to ruin Singapore, we can't wait to see how the characters will safeguard their fates through the power of fengshui.

While no release date has been set yet, we can expect this film to hit cinemas next year.

Now, we are left hanging on how the film will bring the mystical properties of fengshui to life.

Check out more photos from the lensing ceremony here:

PHOTO: AsiaOne
PHOTO: AsiaOne
PHOTO: AsiaOne
PHOTO: AsiaOne
The cast of The Fatekeepers. PHOTO: mm2 Entertainment


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