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'Before, I would just run through my tour schedule like a freight train': Hardwell on returning after hiatus, performing in Singapore again

'Before, I would just run through my tour schedule like a freight train': Hardwell on returning after hiatus, performing in Singapore again
Hardwell performs in Singapore on Sept 15 at Marquee.
PHOTO: Hardwell

When Hardwell announced his indefinite hiatus from live music back in 2018, fans may have been dismayed but the Dutch DJ needed a well-deserved break.

Making a triumphant return with the album Rebels Never Die last year, Hardwell is back in full force but takes the lessons he has learnt to heart to prevent another burnout.

In a recent interview with AsiaOne, the 35-year-old said about his hiatus: "In the beginning, I just stepped away from everything to clear my mind and unwind from the demands of touring.

"It took a while before I went back into the studio, so during this time I spent a lot of time catching up with friends, being around family, and generally getting my body back into a good sleeping pattern, eating healthy and doing more fitness."

When he finally returned to the studio, he added that he first gained inspiration for his "current sound" which he incorporated into his latest album, which then became "an urge to make a return to touring".

Despite returning to a packed live schedule — he already did one show at Marquee Singapore last December and is set to return on Sept 15 for the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix race weekend — he added that he flies "a lot less" than he used to before the sabbatical.

"I've made it a key part of my tour life now to ensure I get good rest, I eat well and have time to prepare for each show," he said.

"Before, I would just run through my tour schedule like a freight train, not giving much thought to my wellbeing, but I've grown to learn this isn't a healthy way to live, and it doesn't benefit the shows either."


Hardwell's Sept 15 show takes him back to Marquee, which he lauds as a "fantastic venue" with one of the best set-ups in the world.


"I'm always excited to head to Singapore for a Marquee show because I know the party will be wild!" he added.

When it came to his favourite memories of Singapore, Hardwell mentioned that he has had great food here over the years and finds the shopping malls "hard not to love".

"Obviously the Singapore F1 race is a great experience, and I also loved the ArtScience Museum," he added.

When asked whether he had any other bucket list items to complete here, he mused: "Universal Studios Singapore would be pretty cool to check out."

With several outings to Singapore under his belt, including headlining Ultra Singapore 2017, Hardwell has also been privy to how the local EDM scene has changed over the years.

"Musically, the whole scene has just shifted to a harder sound with a lot more pace," he said. "This is great for the crowds because the groove of the night has taken a new turn, which is exciting."

When it came to local musicians he likes, Hardwell pointed out Myrne, adding that he's played the latter's tracks in the past.

"But I'm keen to explore more about the local scene in Singapore now and discover which artists have broken through since the Covid-19 lockdown," he added.


Tickets to Hardwell supported by Tim Hox at Marquee Singapore on Sept 15 are sold out.


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