K-pop boy band Winner dub S'porean fans Singercircle

K-pop boy band Winner dub S'porean fans Singercircle
PHOTO: YG Entertainment

Last night, K-pop boy band WINNER performed in Singapore as part of their 2018 Everywhere Tour.

It was their first solo concert here, and the quartet performed their hit singles like "REALLY REALLY", "EVERYDAY", "ISLAND", "LOVE ME LOVE ME", and "Don't Flirt".

They - well, mainly Seung Yoon - also conversed with their fans here in fluent English.

Also, for all you fans, he assured, "We'll be back soon with our new album." We can't wait!

1. Seung Yoon said they wanted to go on the Singapore Flyer, but…

the boys arrived too late and it was closed. "We were so sad," Seung Yoon said. He added that they ended up just taking photos in front of the flyer, which he'll upload onto his social media accounts soon, drawing laughter from the crowd.

2. Mino's sexy solo performance

Mino performed his solo singles "BODY" and "Turn off the light". It was a very sexy stage that saw him revealing his pecs and getting real close with the female dancers, which obviously drew a lot of screams from the crowd.

Photo: YG Entertainment

3. Jinwoo and Seung Yoon's impressive solo numbers

Jinwoo did a cover of G-Dragon's "Untitled", which really showed off his vocal skills. His solo performance was followed by Seung Yoon's, which included an acapella of Troye Sivan's "YOUTH".

"It's my first time [performing this song], I forgot [some of] the lyrics, I'm sorry about that," he admitted bashfully after the performance. He only stumbled across the English lyrics once, and the crowd sure didn't mind.

4. Seunghoon's "Ringa Linga" performance

Seunghoon wrapped up the solo stage portion with his solo "Serenade", and a cover of Taeyang's "Ringa Linga". Four out of five Big Bang members might be serving military service right now, but you can still feel their presence, thanks to their hoobaes (juniors) from YG Entertainment.

5. They showed up in all white outfits and looked really handsome

Giving out them ~Prince Charming~ vibes.

Photo: YG Entertainment

6. Seunghoon kissed Mino on the cheek. Twice.

The first time it happened was during the aegyo segment, where the boys were asking one another what love is. When Seunghoon pulled that stunt, Mino looked taken aback and went, "What the-" As if he didn't learn his lesson, he did it again when they were performing"REALLY REALLY"

7. All the "I love you lah"s uttered throughout the night

Jinwoo started using the phrase first, prompting the rest of the members to follow suit. Not exactly the right way to use Singlish, but we'll give them a pass because the way they said it was so endearing.

Photo: YG Entertainment

8. That hilarious concert VCR

Most K-pop concerts are peppered with video clips (or VCRs) that are played between sets as the groups change outfits.

The VCR that WINNER had prepared for their 2018 Everywhere Tour is hilarious and adorable, drawing laughs and squeals from their fans. The storyline of the clip re-imagined WINNER as children, fantasizing about what they'd do with their riches if they found the treasure hidden on Imja Island (Jinwoo's birthplace).

9. "Singercircle"

on Twitter

For those who are not in the know, WINNER's fans are called Inner Circle. In a dad joke-moment, inspiration hit Seunghoon and he said that Singaporean Inner Circles can be called Singercircle. #OKcan.

Leader Seungyoon later updated his Twitter account, addressing Singapore fans as Singercircle as well. Guess it's official now!

This article was first published on CLEO Singapore

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