Kate Pang spends birthday in hospital after horrendous accident exposes shin bone

Kate Pang spends birthday in hospital after horrendous accident exposes shin bone
A conversation between Andie Chen and Kate Pang, after she sent him a photo of her serious injury.
PHOTO: Instagram/andiechen, Instagram/katepang311

With all her attention focused on the tiny screen in her hand, local actress Kate Pang failed to notice the danger ahead and fell straight into a longkang.

It took all of two seconds, but she ended up with a cut on her shin so deep that it exposed her bone.

"I'm so stupid," she wrote in an Instagram post on Wednesday (March 10), where she showed a photo of her horrendously bloodied leg. Another photo showed blood splatters on the concrete ground.


The wound was so gory that Instagram hid the photo behind a warning, though that didn't stop any of Kate's celebrity friends from viewing it anyways, with all of them leaving messages of shock and concern in the comment section.

Kate's wound was serious enough to warrant surgery and hospitalisation, but at least she got some well-needed rest as well as some eye candy.

According to her doctor (whom Kate described as handsome in another post), the first words out of her mouth after she regained consciousness was: "Wow, I haven't slept so well in so long."

Perhaps it's due to the amount of work she's been juggling lately — preparing for a new restaurant, setting up a new parenting platform on the internet, and taking care of her daughter while her husband, local actor Andie Chen, remains in Taiwan with their son.

As it's also Kate's birthday today, Andie expressed regret that he could not be by her side to celebrate the occasion, especially when she's injured, even though she assured him she's alright.

Fortunately for both of them, the hospital had a surprise prepared for Kate upon her discharge. The staff presented her with a birthday cake and a large bouquet of fruits and flowers.

"I entered the hospital aged 37, leaving it aged 38! What an unforgettable birthday this has been!"



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