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Kourtney Kardashian banned from having sex during pregnancy

Kourtney Kardashian banned from having sex during pregnancy
Kourtney Kardashian says she is banned from having sex during pregnancy.
PHOTO: Instagram/Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian has been banned from having sex during her pregnancy.

The 44-year-old star is expecting her first child with  Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and explained how medics placed restrictions on her romping.

In an interview with Vanity Fair Italia, Kourtney - who has Mason, 13, Penelope, 11, and Reign, eight, with her ex-boyfriend Scott Disick - said: "Physically I feel great. I like being pregnant. I'm obsessed with the idea of being pregnant!

"This time, unlike the previous three, I've been monitored by a different group of doctors who gave me many restrictions during the initial months. No workouts, no Pilates, no caffeine, no flights. Even no sex!"

However, the restrictions had an unsettling effect on Kourtney but she has now put them aside after she was rushed into "urgent foetal surgery" that "saved" the child's life last month.

She said: "I think all this caution made me a little afraid because I didn't have to do this before. It took me some time to let go of the fear, I would say that right after the surgery I got to the point where I started to let go, I stopped worrying. Now I talk to the child every day, I have a positive mindset, my head is clear and I pray a lot."

Kourtney faced a backlash for announcing her latest pregnancy in her 40s although the harsh comments have no impact on her.

The reality star said: "These comments don't touch me. I just say: How dare you question God's plan? Because this is how I see this pregnancy, which happened when both Travis and I no longer even thought about it and when I stopped with IVF."

Kourtney and her husband Travis underwent IVF in a bid to have a child, even though it was against The Kardashians star's wishes.

She said: "IVF wasn't my choice, I was pushed into it as if it were the only option. Truth is I felt like I was doing something that wasn't right for me.

"Something was telling me that it wasn't right for me - I don't even take medicines - that it was working against my body, rather than for it."

Kourtney's children are delighted to be getting a new sibling and have even been touching and kissing her pregnant belly.

She said: "They had been asking for a while for a little sibling. Now when they go to school in the morning, they touch my belly, kiss it, say hi."

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