'Laugh die me': Netizens in stitches over actress Denise Camillia Tan's gaffe on live TV show

'Laugh die me': Netizens in stitches over actress Denise Camillia Tan's gaffe on live TV show
Denise Camilla Tan hosted The Sheng Siong Show with Dasmond Koh for the first time last Saturday (May 27) evening.
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Denise Camillia Tan

This might be a moment to remember in Singapore live TV variety game shows.

Singapore-based Malaysian actress Denise Camillia Tan hosted the longrunning The Sheng Siong Show last Saturday (May 27) and brought more entertainment to the audience and netizens than she expected.

The Sheng Siong Show was originally hosted by Kym Ng and Dasmond Koh, but Denise, 30, stepped in last week as Kym took a break.

In the iconic "100 Times" game segment where the hosts will pick a shopping receipt and call the shopper, Denise and co-host Dasmond made a call to lucky contestant Nicholas.

"Hi, is this Nicholas?" said Denise in Mandarin when the phone was answered.

On the end of the line came a curious "Hello", which sounded vaguely like an older woman.

Denise responded in Mandarin: "May I know if this is Nicholas?" Dasmond also asked in English: "Can I speak to Nicholas?"


The person on the line gave a slightly unintelligible reply, and Denise heard "nai nai", which is the Mandarin term for "grandmother".

Denise, who looked visibly confused, turned towards Dasmond for two seconds before she responded in Mandarin: "You are his grandmother?"

Dasmond, who can be seen holding back his laughter, immediately said: "No, she said 'Who is on the line'," as the audience burst into laughter.

Denise, who is embarrassed by her gaffe, can be seen bending over with laughter as she regains her composure.

Denise posted the epic moment on her TikTok account yesterday (May 29), which has since attracted more than 316k views.

@denisecamillia Epic moment from last Sat 😅 #livetv ♬ original sound - denisecamillia

Netizens thanked her for the cute and hilarious moment, which they said made their day.

They also praised Denise for her efforts and hope that she gets more opportunities for hosting and acting in the future.

One wrote: "Laugh die me. I watched a bit only but I think she did a good job. Continue the hosting."

Another netizen said reassuringly: "This part was really epic and funny but you've done well for the live show if this is your first time."

Denise replied later to thank the netizen for his encouragement.



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