Lawrence Wong likely to give $3,000 ang bao to each staff member for CNY

Lawrence Wong likely to give $3,000 ang bao to each staff member for CNY
PHOTO: Instagram/Lawrence Wong

This Chinese New Year, Lawrence Wong's staff could each receive a $3,000 ang bao.

The 33-year-old actor appeared in a recent #JustSwipeLah episode alongside Xiang Yun and Dasa Dharamahsena (also known as Das) where they discussed their film Reunion Dinner.

As the conversation revolved around Chinese New Year, it naturally flowed to the topic of giving ang baos. Xiang Yun said she would prepare $5, $10, or $20 in each ang bao as a "token".

When she directed the question to Lawrence, he dropped his bomb: "This year, I might have earned a little more. Maybe each person (staff member) can get $3,000?"

While host Juin Teh and Das instantly jumped at the revelation and quipped that they wanted to work for him, Xiang Yun agreed with Lawrence's decision. "Yes, when you earn more, it means everyone worked hard alongside you," she said.

As they shared anecdotes about ang baos at their workplace, Das added his experience to the mix.

"My boss prepared 10 red packets for us to pick. If you're very huat that year, you would get $500, while the unlucky one would get $2 — of another country's currency," he humorously said.

Although he's single, Lawrence also said that he gives his father ang baos. Xiang Yun also advised: "Parents will be happy if you give them an ang bao, regardless of the amount inside."


Lawrence's generosity has led to some friendly teasing from his celebrity colleagues at a press conference for Reunion Dinner today (Jan 18).

Co-star Mark Lee joked: "Lawrence bought rice balls from a convenience store just now. I just want to say, don't wear a hat that's too big for your head. Give such big ang baos until he has to eat from a convenience store."

Reunion Dinner opens in cinemas Jan 20. 


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