Lawrence Wong says bubble tea made his face sag, but he hasn't stopped drinking it

Drinking bubble tea might have made his face sag but for celebrity heartthrob Lawrence Wong, that hardly poses a problem to him at all.

That's not to say he adamantly steers clear from bubble tea. In fact, it's quite the opposite.

You'd think an actor with rippling pecs and hunky biceps would hold himself to a strict sugar-free diet. Instead, the 31-year-old can hardly stop himself from giving in to his vices, he just doesn't indulge as often as he used to.

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hating it but doing it. 💦💪🏻

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"I used to have one cup every day but I stopped because I realised that bubble tea doesn't just make you fat, it also makes your skin sag," he told Toggle in a recent interview. "That's my own observation — it makes your face sag. That's why I control myself though it's a little hard."

In exchange for his cheat days, Lawrence makes up for it by hitting the gym and watching his diet more carefully. While he doesn't weigh himself, he makes it a point to monitor himself by checking himself out in the mirror every day.

His Instagram is filled with images of him showing off his hot bod, but it is also peppered with photos of him indulging in his favourite cuppa — a green tea latte with no sugar, big pearls, and nata de coco. The drink has been specially crafted by Lawrence in order to minimise the calories of each cup.

"I only drink milk tea made with fresh milk. The powders or creamers that some drinks have are super fattening. I won't add any sugar because the pearls or nata de coco has sugar as well. I used to order drinks with pudding, but I gave it up because it has way too much sugar."

He reckons he could open his own bubble tea store one day. After all, Lawrence claims to be a bubble tea connoisseur of sorts, having done extensive research on his favourite bubble tea brands.

Perhaps his fans could look forward to quenching their thirst with healthier bubble tea one day.