Leon Lai's ex-wife Gaile Lok shows off flawless baby bump and asks for birthing tips

PHOTO: Instagram / gaileofficial

Pregnancy looks incredibly good on Leon Lai's ex-wife, Gaile Lok.

The 38-year-old model, who married businessman Ian Chu in 2017, announced her pregnancy last November and has not been shy about showing off that beautiful baby bump on Instagram.

Let's just say that Gaile is very much aware that she is in tiptop shape and isn't afraid to flaunt it in a classy manner.

Her posts are always accompanied by photographs of her in various elegant yoga poses that only serve to accentuate her svelte figure.

Yes, even while she's pregnant.

Oh, did we forget to mention that she is an avid yogi? So much so that pregnancy isn't putting a damper on her routine at all.

With good reason, though.

In Gaile's latest Instagram post that puts her 37-week sized belly front and centre, she shows us a gorgeous baby bump that would make almost any pregnant woman cry.

She called it the "after yoga selfie" of her baby bump and boy, was she serving a full-on pregnancy glow realness.

Obviously, the internet was living for it as her belly looked flawless.

By "flawless", we mean that her skin doesn't seem to have any stretch marks on it and looks as smooth as a, well, baby's bottom.

And we couldn't help but wonder, could yoga be the key to having a healthy and radiant pregnancy?

Gaile also wrote that she had packed her hospital bag but it "looks more like a large check-in luggage" and asked Instagram users if any of them had the same problem or whether she was overpacking.

She also requested for her followers to share their must-have items during labour.

And Instagram commenters were keen to offer their suggestions - from essentials such as slippers to quirky items like a soft toilet roll.

Photo: Instagram / gaileofficial
Photo: Instagram / gaileofficial

From woman to woman, this female commenter also offered some post-pregnancy tips. Talk about thinking ahead.

Photo: Instagram / gaileofficial

Others marvelled at her beauty and pregancy glow, including local actress Sheila Sim.

Photo: Instagram / gaileofficial

And if Gaile is taking this commenter up on her advice, it seems that hubby Ian isn't just going to be holding her hand through the delivery.

After all, the man has to work for his baby too.

Photo: Instagram / gaileofficial