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Lewis Capaldi 'freaked out' after taking medically prescribed cannabis oil

Lewis Capaldi 'freaked out' after taking medically prescribed cannabis oil
Lewis Capaldi receives the award for Song of the Year for Someone You Loved at the Brit Awards at the O2 Arena in London, Britain, on Feb 18, 2020
PHOTO: Reuters

Lewis Capaldi started "freaking out" after taking medically prescribed cannabis oil.

The 25-year-old singer/songwriter was prescribed the oil by a doctor to help battle his anxiety but Lewis admitted it was "intense" and left him hearing voices.

Speaking on Instagram Live, he said: "I've started taking this cannabis oil. I got it medically prescribed to help with my anxiety.

"I'd never tried it before but it has THC in it. I took the second drop as prescribed and I freaked the f*** out. I don't do that kind of stuff and I absolutely freaked. I was in my room by myself and I was hearing things. I thought I could hear voices.

"I had to search YouTube videos to find out what to do if you've taken too much cannabis oil. It was mad. It was f****** intense."

Lewis also revealed that he is trying to live a healthier lifestyle in order to cope with his fame.

He said: "That is just my life. I am eating salads. I am just trying to get the mind and body right. That oil is no joke though. I didn't know you could get high off it. I felt absolutely nuts."

Lewis recently opened up about his anxiety and panic attacks, admitting that he relied on his mother to calm him down.

He said: "If I'm having a panic attack there's nobody else that can help me out of it except my mum, for sure.

"My mum has had to sleep in my bed as recently as a month ago because of how bad my anxiety got at one point. But I think that was alcohol related to be honest, I had been on a bit of a bender."

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