Life 401: Quan Yi Fong shares 4 enlightening words of wisdom

PHOTO: Instagram/ quanyifong

If you're a fan of self-help books and motivational talks, you'd probably like local TV host Quan Yi Fong's latest Instagram post.

Yesterday (July 1), the 47-year-old shared some jewels of wisdom, saying it was something she had learnt that day although she didn't mention where she got the advice.

Presented plainly in the form of a Q&A, the first question was: "What is a statement that will knock sense into someone?"

The reply from the mysterious guru: "When you learn an additional skill, you ask for help one time less."

True, true. Moving on, the next question was: "What can you do to elevate your quality of life?"

The reply was: "Throw things out regularly."

And that's why the world needs Marie Kondo.

The next one is my favourite. "Is it better to use your money to go to school or to travel around the world, and why?"

Said guru replied: "If you don't have sufficient knowledge to back you up, even if you've walked thousands of miles, you are simply a postman."

(Nothing against our essential postal service staff I'm sure!)

Lastly, "What are some good ways to save money?"

"Before you buy anything, remember these nine words: you like it, you need it, it suits you."

Yi Fong added this applies to many things, including emotions.

Her followers seem to appreciate the post, with one calling it "Mummy Quan's Chicken Soup".

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