Lin Chi-ling shoots down pregnancy rumours after old photos surface

PHOTO: Weibo

There's never a shortage of rumours when it comes to celebrities.

This time, Taiwanese actress Lin Chi-ling is caught in the spotlight as pregnancy rumours resurfaced after photos of her at the airport sporting what seemed like a slight baby bump were released by Hong Kong media this week.

It's not the first time the 44-year-old supermodel has been plagued by these rumours.

When news of her marriage to Japanese boyband Exile's member Akira broke in June, there were speculations that it was a shotgun wedding.

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Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chi-ling marries Japanese boyband member Akira
Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chi-ling marries Japanese boyband member Akira

Those rumours were since debunked by her brother.

However, a series of photos that were recently released have reignited the spark.

In the photos, Chi-ling can be seen wearing a casual black dress, a long-sleeve cardigan and holding a dog plushie.

What birthed the rumours were the slight bump at her belly and the fact that she appeared to be using the plushie to cover it.

Upon the release of the images, fans took to social media to congratulate her and wish her a successful pregnancy.

However, a spokesperson for Chi-Ling has shut down the rumours.

Speaking to Sina Entertainment on Wednesday (July 10), the spokesperson said that the rumours aren't true and the photos were taken in November last year.