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Local actor turned livestreamer worried about medical bills after breaking hand

Local actor turned livestreamer worried about medical bills after breaking hand
Actor Ryan Lian.
PHOTO: Instagram/ryanlianyy

SINGAPORE - Actor Ryan Lian, who had been selling fish on live-stream during the pandemic, is worried about medical expenses after breaking his right hand recently.

On Sunday (July 25), he injured his hand when a 10kg box of frozen fish landed on it.

An x-ray showed that he had broken bones and he posted a photo on Instagram on Wednesday (July 28) showing his hand in a cast while making a V with his fingers. He will find out next week if he needs an operation.

The Ah Boys To Men 4 actor, who made his name as Ah Long in the Jack Neo movie, said in an interview with Shin Min Daily News: "I am worried that the operation will cost a lot of money. I had injured my foot during a show two years ago and my operation cost $10,400."

Money has been tight during the pandemic, as the 35-year-old had no acting jobs and fell behind on paying the mortgage of his flat. Even his car was towed away.

To survive, he turned to selling fish on live-stream but that recently had to be stopped due to the Covid-19 cluster at Jurong Fishery Port.

Luckily, he managed to pivot to selling other items on live-stream, such as durians, Japanese, Thai and Korean food, health goods and beauty products.

He lamented that he had finally managed to save some money but might now have to use it for medical bills.


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