Local celebrities take on #bottlecapchallenge with hilarious results

Local celebrities take on #bottlecapchallenge with hilarious results

Did Donnie Yen scare away the competition with his blindfolded take on the #bottlecapchallenge?

For the uninitiated, the viral challenge consists of a person unscrewing the cap of a bottle with a single kick.

Major kudos if you're able to do it blindfolded - just like Donnie.

But ever since the trend took off in Singapore, local celebrities have been participating in the challenge with their own twist on it instead.

Take Singapore's golden hipster boy (yes, we coined that phrase), Benjamin Kheng, for example.

In a video posted on Instagram yesterday (July 4), the musician can be seen hyping himself up before headbutting the bottle instead.


"Jesus, I just posted this like 30 seconds ago," he tweeted in response to AsiaOne's retweet of his video.

Yes, Benjamin, we are that fast. *winks*

Another video that caught our eye came from 'Singapore's top everything', or bottle cap challenger in this case, Preetipls herself.


Accompanied by the caption "ministry of manpower don't @ me[sic]", the video showed the local personality kicking the bottle into her intern's face.

Everyone, settle down. Because it's quite clear that this is a parody video and it's so uniquely Preeti.


A quick search of the hashtag also revealed other celebrities who joined in on the fun.

Leave it to pop diva Mariah Carey to toss her hat in the ring by doing what she does best - singing.


Letting loose a high note that resembles a musical shriek, she popped the cap right off the bottle with just her voice.

Yes, it's not a trick or a stunt. She is just that good.

Oh. My. God.

Chinese actor and martial artist, Vincent Zhao, was another celebrity who shared his video on social media site Weibo.

However, he increased the difficulty by unscrewing three bottle caps with one fluid kick.

If that wasn't enough for us to be impressed, he even appended an adorable clip of his daughter attempting the challenge with him.

Hannah Quinlivan, wife of Mandopop king Jay Chou, completed hers in style and wore a pair of oversized shades.


She also tagged her hubby but he has yet to take up the challenge.

Come on, Jay, we're waiting.


Social media users were also having a field day with it.

Just take a look at this wakeboarder who unscrewed the cap mid-air after jumping with his wakeboard!

Or this guy who used a nerf gun to open it from a distance.


Instagrammer Nathanthecatlady decided to put his cat in the spotlight instead and it worked, judging from the gushing that came from our colleague who is also a cat lover.


Although, that white kitty didn't seem too pleased.


But perhaps it was US actor Ryan Reynolds' take on the challenge that broke the internet.

In a YouTube video that has garnered over four million views, Ryan took the opportunity to showcase his gin company by featuring artistic shots of a bottle of Aviation Gin travelling across the globe before being delivered to Ryan himself.

The video ended with a slow-motion clip of Ryan's failed attempt at the challenge which sent the bottle flying.


A breaking sound can be heard off-camera before Ryan makes his swift escape with a guilty expression.

A 'short film', an advertisement and a unique spin on a social media challenge all in one?

Hats off to you, sir.


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