Local celebs dish on the worst questions relatives ask on Chinese New Year

PHOTO: Instagram/romeotan

Pesky questions about one's marital status or childbearing abilities are the norm at Chinese New Year gatherings.

It has even become a bit of a sore point for the younger generation as they dread the annual grilling and reminders that their biological clock or 'shelf life' is running out.

But that's for plebeians like us.

This Chinese New Year, we caught up with some local celebrities to find out what are the worst questions they've been asked during the festive gatherings. 

Romeo Tan, 34

"My relatives and friends are always very curious about showbiz. So they always ask me about showbiz and certain female artistes — are they dating, did they dig their nose, or am I dating anyone in (the industry)... these kinds of questions. So it's something very hard for me to avoid for most of the new year."

Paige Chua, 38

"Actually, things are pretty okay. Because the relatives who come (to visit) are quite close to us, so they generally will be quite sensitive to what the awkward questions would be. I think over the years, they've come to realise that I won't answer questions on gossip, rumours about other artistes, how much I've earned, if there are any people I like, or when I'm getting married. It has been a long time since I've encountered any awkward questions."

Lawrence Wong, 31

"Right now, the worst questions will be things related to my job and to certain celebrities, and stuff like that because they're bordering on invasion of privacy. I won't tell anyone things about other celebrities."

Ferlyn G, 27

"'Are you acting in a new show now?'" — I would roll my eyes. I don't know how to reply. You know like sometimes, you're doing a project and the production company asks you not to reveal it? And sometimes I also feel awkward talking about my work because I'm a pretty private person and I don't want to share anything about my personal and work life."