Local short-film competition ciNE65 launches with 'Singapura' as this year's theme

SINGAPORE - Local short-film competition and showcase ciNE65 is back again, with an open call to all film-makers to express what 'Singapura' means to them in a three-minute film.

This time, the competition has been renamed the ciNE65 Movie Makers Awards, and is jointly organised by Nexus, the Ministry of Defence department in charge of Total Defence and National Education, and media entertainment company mm2 Entertainment.

Launched in 2011, ciNE65 is the largest platform for film students and young film-makers to produce short films that deepen our sense of belonging to Singapore. Film-makers will have until March 18, 2019, to submit their entries.

Its director, Nexus Colonel Joseph Tan said: "ciNE65 provides a national level showcase for film students and young film-makers to share their stories about Singapore and the Singaporean identity. For 2019, we will increase the prestige of ciNE65 as a platform for aspiring film-makers through the ciNE65 Movie Makers Awards which is jointly organised with mm2 Entertainment. With the support from our partners like mm2 Entertainment, we aim to encourage a new generation of aspiring local film-makers to use ciNE65 as a national showcase for short films that deepen our sense of belonging to Singapore."

Besides the competition, ciNE65 2019 will also include seminars, workshops, and a film festival, featuring commissioned works from the likes of Royston Tan, Alvin Lee, Sanif Olek and ciNE65's alumnus, Koh Chong Wu.

Said local film-maker Royston Tan, director of '36 Ways to Say Good Morning', one of four commissioned short films this year: "ciNE65 is an excellent stepping stone for local filmmakers to gain exposure and contribute stories that are close to our hearts about Singapore. I hope that these films will connect with the local audience as a reflection of our rich heritage. Through film as a medium for storytelling, I hope that we can move people so that they feel more deeply for Singapore."