Love, Death and Robots volume 3 looks even crazier and wackier than the original

Love, Death and Robots is returning for a third volume, and it looks wackier than the original.
PHOTO: Netflix

Netflix's critically-acclaimed sci-fi anthology series Loved, Death and Robots is returning for a third volume, and it looks crazier than ever.

Since its debut in 2019, the series has racked up an impressive 12 Emmy nominations and 11 wins, testament to its enthralling vision of the future and the farthest reaches of the human imagination.

The third volume is stocked with nine incredibly inventive animated shorts that tell the tales of murderous giant crustaceans, a zombie apocalypse, hyper-intelligent rats, and more.

It traverses the realms of science fiction, horror, and even the supernatural, taking viewers on a trippy journey into the minds of their creators.

Here's a full list of the episodes in the third volume:

  • Three Robots: Exit Strategies
  • Bad Travelling
  • The Very Pulse Of The Machine
  • Night of the Mini Dead
  • Kill Team Kill
  • Swarm
  • Mason's Rats
  • In Vaulted Halls Entombed
  • Jibaro

Fans who have followed the series since its inception will also recognise the return of Three Robots, the first direct sequel in the history of the series that picks up from where the episode in the first volume left off.

Love, Death and Robots returns on May 20 on Netflix. 

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