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Marco Ngai's wife caught cheating on him with foreign banker

Marco Ngai's wife caught cheating on him with foreign banker

The wife of Hong Kong actor Marco Ngai has once again been photographed in the arms of another man. 

According to media reports, Zhang Lihua, 32, was spotted behaving intimately with a foreign banker.

They were photographed having a meal together and kissing in a taxi before heading up to his apartment. 

Marco and Zhang married in 2008 when she was only 20, and have a nine-year-old daughter Jessica. 

Zhang, who is 20 years younger than Marco, was previously suspected of infidelity in 2015, after being photographed getting cosy with professional cyclist Tang Wang Yip. 

When approached by reporters with pictures of his wife and the man in the taxi, 52-year-old Marco said: "Many people like to kiss in the car, many things happen in taxis." 

"I don't know. I don't know anything at all. There's only my daughter in my heart," he added.

When asked if he's considering divorce, Marco reportedly said yes. Yet, according to other media reports, he denied divorce was on the table. 

He also left a cryptic message on his social media account last Friday (Jan 10), saying, "From now on, we can only rely on each other," implying that he has only his daughter left in the world.

He also changed his profile picture to a black photo. 

Zhang later told the media that she and Marco have been sleeping in separate rooms for five years, but they still live in the same house for their daughter's sake.

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