Mark Wahlberg bans his kids from swearing and blaspheming

Mark Wahlberg bans his kids from swearing and blaspheming
PHOTO: Instagram/markwahlberg

Mark Wahlberg has banned his kids from swearing and blaspheming.

The 50-year-old actor — who has children Ella, 18, Michael, 15, Brendan, 13, and Grace, 12, with wife Rhea — was jailed for felony assault after attacking a man while high on drugs in 1988, and he has opened up on the importance of "rules and processes" in his life.

He told Sorted magazine: "From the first day the prison door closed on me I knew, going forward, I would have to be strong and regimented in every aspect of my life, otherwise I ran the risk of ending up back there.

"I believe I am a better person for the benefit of having rules and processes. My kids buy into it too — there's no swearing allowed, never any blaspheming."

The Father Stu star turned his life round after getting into a lot of trouble as a teenager, and his faith played a bit part in that.

He added: "I see it as my mission in life to take care of my family, look after my friends, and try to be a better man every day.


"Acting is one thing, but being believable as a teacher of God has been and will always [be] one of my greatest challenges, and the most rewarding.

"It means being able to have the comfort to really understand and say those words."

The Bible is part of the education Mark — who gets up at 4am and heads to church "after the school run" when he's at home, or finds one nearby when he's away filming — passes onto his children, and he admitted he can be a "very strict" parent.

He said: "I'm also very strict when it comes to school. I want them to study hard and take their education seriously, and the Bible is part of that.

"They need to do their homework at night, and I don't let them watch movies unless it's the weekend."

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