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Is Mayday's Ashin co-habiting with his assistant?

Is Mayday's Ashin co-habiting with his assistant?
PHOTO: Instagram/ashin_ig, Weibo

As the only bachelor left in Taiwanese band Mayday, Ashin's love life has been the subject of many rumours.

Just last year, the 44-year old singer sparked rumours of a relationship with Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai after the latter asked him to marry her during Mayday's concert in Shanghai.

Now, Ashin's love life is in the spotlight yet again after Taiwanese media spotted him out and about with his female assistant, nicknamed Biao Mei (Cousin).

On Apr 11, Ashin dropped Biao Mei off at an apartment and waited for her. After 30 minutes, she came back to the car with a box of Lego toys. Both stayed in the car for nearly 20 minutes before driving off.


Taiwanese media said that Ashin subsequently drove Biao Mei to two other locations where she ran errands and bought groceries. Ashin stayed in the car the entire time, only alighting when both went shopping at a furniture store together.

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Afterwards, they went to a vegetarian stall nearby but it was closed so they drove home instead.

Media reports also claimed that after Ashin performed at JJ Lin's online concert on Mar 27, Ashin and Biao Mei returned to their office, and then went to the night market for snacks before returning home. Neither of them left even until late in the night. 

Rumour has it that the duo has been co-habiting for two years and are behaving like a married couple.

While Ashin didn't address the reports, a representative for him said: "Thank you for you concern. We won't be commenting as this is a personal issue."

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