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Michelle Yeoh celebrates Oscars win at Hong Kong party featuring Chow Yun Fat and Donnie Yen

Michelle Yeoh celebrates Oscars win at Hong Kong party featuring Chow Yun Fat and Donnie Yen
PHOTO: Facebook/Michelle Yeoh

HONG KONG – Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh was the toast of Hong Kong’s entertainment industry when she returned to the city where she started her movie career in the 1980s.

She met several Hong Kong stars, who celebrated her win at the Academy Awards.

The 60-year-old made history in March by becoming the first Asian woman to win Best Actress at the Oscars for her role as laundromat owner Evelyn Wang in the film, Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022).

Actor Anthony Wong was one of the first to share photos of the celebration on Facebook on Saturday.

One photo was captioned: “Beautiful companions, beautiful night.”

In the foreground of the photo, superstar Chow Yun Fat was seen without his customary cap, taking a wefie with a group of celebrities.

They included Wong, Yeoh, her partner Jean Todt who was the former president of the International Automobile Federation, actress Sandra Ng, Ng’s partner who is the film director Peter Chan, singer Sally Yeh and her husband, fellow singer George Lam.

The other photo was captioned: “Happy together.”

Other celebrities in the photos included film directors Ann Hui, Johnnie To and Mabel Cheung, actor John Shum, martial arts choreographer Yuen Woo Ping and cinematographer Peter Pau.


Pau himself won the Oscar for Best Cinematography for Taiwanese director Lee Ang’s martial arts film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000), which also starred Yeoh and Chow.

Yeoh also shared the photos on Facebook early on Sunday, writing: “It was an amazing night to celebrate and share my joy with those who gave me a leg up in HK. I am so, so, so happy to see everyone.”


Ng also posted photos of herself with Yeoh and Chow respectively on Instagram Stories, with action star Donnie Yen posing with Yeoh in one of the photos.

Ng was seen in one of the videos touching the Oscar statuette. She wrote: “Thank you, Michelle. You make us so proud.”

Yeoh made her name as an action star in Hong Kong after starring in action flicks such as Yes, Madam (1985), Police Story 3: Super Cop (1992) and Wing Chun (1994).

The actress, who recently brought her Best Actress Oscar prize back to her mother in her Malaysian home town Ipoh, will be one of the presenters at the Hong Kong Film Awards on Sunday.

This article was first published in The Straits Times. Permission required for reproduction.

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