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'This might be my only joy in life right now': Nick Chou on what he looks forward to in Singapore for April concert

'This might be my only joy in life right now': Nick Chou on what he looks forward to in Singapore for April concert
Nick Chou said that bak kut teh, Hainanese chicken rice and coffee are some Singapore delicacies that he enjoys.
PHOTO: IMC Live Global

After a night of excitement at the One Love Asia Festival in Singapore last October, Taiwanese singer-rapper Nick Chou is coming back in April for more.

Speaking to AsiaOne in an interview yesterday (Jan 24), the 35-year-old, who is also known as Nickthereal, said that besides looking forward to meeting his fans at the Nickthereal Realive World Tour concert here, he is also anticipating to eat local delicacies again.

"Bak kut teh, Hainanese chicken rice and coffee are what I like best!" he said, adding that the coffee here is sweeter.

He was also recommended by the host during the press conference to learn how to order coffee Singapore style — such as kopi C (black coffee with evaporated milk) and kopi-O (black coffee with sugar).

Nick shared with us: "I love to try out local food whenever I go to a new country. When I go to Singapore, I would ask my fans there to recommend some local food to me on Instagram and look forward to eating good food."

When asked if he considers himself a foodie, he laughed: "I am definitely a foodie, this might be my only joy in life right now!"

But how about music?

"Music is a job now, but eating is not a job," he added.

Nick also recalled his affiliation with Singapore started way earlier than when he travelled here to perform as a musician.


He shared: "I actually acted in Singapore when I was young in the movie King Swindler with Sammo Hung and Sandra Ng! In a way, I have lived in Singapore but that was when I was very young."

The Taiwanese comedy was released in 1993 — when he was five — and he acted as Sandra's son Zai Zai.

Nick, whose hits include Shuai Dao Fen Shou and Ai Shang Ni Suan Wo Jian, will be performing at the Capitol Theatre on April 6.

He also shared at the press conference that it is actually "more than just a concert", as he personally worked on many aspects of it and treated the whole event as his project.

"For those who wish to know more about me and my works, the concert as a whole is an experience of its own. I believe a lot of people would know me better after watching my concert and understand that what I want to express is so much more than just music itself," Nick explained, adding that the event will also stir emotions in viewers' hearts.

Nick also noted that Singaporean fans are the most shy among all his fans.

"In the concert last October, they were really shy at first and got very high later. Maybe they are more reserved, so I will think of ways to get everyone high from the start of my concert… I will make some adjustments."

He added that the dress code is white and hopes his fans would all dress up.

Tickets for Nickthereal Realive World Tour — Singapore and Kuala Lumpur will be available for sale at the All Access Asia website. IMC pre-sales starts Jan 26 at 11am, while public sales will be available from Jan 27 at 11am.

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