Miriam Yeung slammed by netizens for gifting 'ordinary' Meixin mooncakes to 'Big Sister' Liza Wang

PHOTO: Instagram/wang_liza, Weibo

It seems that mooncakes, like luxury goods, now have a brand hierarchy and the wrong selection could make people see you as 'cheap'.

For Hong Kong actress Miriam Yeung, she ran afoul of the online mob when her gift of Meixin traditional mooncakes to fellow artiste Liza Wang was seen as a snub. It was reported that Miriam's choice of an "ordinary" brand drew brickbats and she was accused of disrespecting Liza, who is considered to be an ah jie in the industry.

Netizens also pointed out that Miriam, 46, received designer mooncakes from brands like Dior and Louis Vuitton, and claimed that she kept those for herself.

PHOTO: Instagram/yeungchinwah

A commenter described Miriam as "miserly" and wrote: "Miriam's eating [mooncakes from] Dior, but she gave out [mooncakes from] Meixin [to other people] instead."

However, some defended the singer and explained that the Dior mooncakes could have come from Meixin as well and they were just repackaged to make it look more atas (high class).

Liza also seemed to have noticed the fuss over it because she shared on Instagram that Miriam sent her an invite to her cooking show along with some gifts. She added that the filming experience went well as they're so close to each other and they talked about everything and anything.

The 73-year-old wrote: "She (Miriam) knows that I like Gucci so she sent me one of their new T-shirts and a pair of bling bling diamond earrings to thank me!"

However, some dissatisfied netizens remarked that Liza's attempt to 'save' Miriam was too obvious while others claimed that there might be a "hidden agenda" behind the post as she got the gifts early last month and only talked about it now.

Guess you can't please everyone.