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Miriam Yeung tried to abort her son because of uterine tumour

Miriam Yeung tried to abort her son because of uterine tumour

The new year has just started and Miriam Yeung looks set to win Mother of the Year.

In a clip from Chinese reality show, Viva La Romance, that was circulated on Weibo recently, the Hong Kong singer-actress revealed the emotional story behind the birth of her seven-year-old son, Torres Ting.

The 45-year-old recounted her experience of having to grapple with uterine fibroids while carrying Torres to term and said that she even considered aborting the baby at that time.

"When I found out I was pregnant, I wasn't in good health. I had... uterine fibroids, then I discovered I was pregnant. I was very anxious because it (the tumour) would grow along with my baby," she explained.

Miriam's husband, PR guru Real Ting, who was a guest star on the show, sighed while watching her talk about the past.

According to Mayo Clinic, uterine fibroids are non-cancerous growths of the uterus that often appear during a woman's childbearing years.

Miriam continued: "My husband was very worried that I would go into premature labour. I actually tried to abort (my baby)."

"After I gave birth, I noticed a bruise on my son's nose. The doctor told me, 'Did you know how dangerous it was that day? We cut open your abdomen and found tumours everywhere. We had to search for his head and pull him out.'"

Real, 40, added that the pregnancy was unplanned and they only found out about it sometime between the second and third month of her pregnancy.


As Miriam had a small-scale concert planned at the time, the doctor ordered her to go on bed rest instead because her "body was too weak" and the tumours had undergone some changes.

Real didn't elaborate on what these changes were but said that her condition only stabilised by the third trimester.

Miriam's condition didn't suppress her desire to be a mother, fortunately, but she admitted that she won't be having more kids because she was worried about the risks due to her age.

When asked by the other guests on the show if she still wanted children, she said: "I do, but I'm already 45. I'm worried the child will be in danger."

She also shared that she envies those who have big families and finds it "a beautiful thing".

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