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Model Ming Xi gets $89 million mansion as 'reward' for having Mario Ho's son: Reports

Model Ming Xi gets $89 million mansion as 'reward' for having Mario Ho's son: Reports
Mario Ho and wife Ming Xi (right) celebrated the birth of their son Ronaldo on Oct 24, 2019.
PHOTO: Instagram/momomarioho

Chinese model Ming Xi is about to get a 'royal' experience.

The 30-year-old tied the knot with Mario Ho, son of Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho, in July 2019 and gave birth to a baby boy Ronaldo three months later. At that time, Mario told Hong Kong media that he wasn't ready to talk about the "reward" for his wife and coyly said: "It's not convenient to discuss her gift, but it'll be substantial."


But recently, Hong Kong media reported that Ming Xi's gift has been chosen and it comes in the form of a HK$500 million (S$89 million) mansion in Deep Water Bay, a neighbourhood that has been dubbed the wealthiest on Earth. The mansion was said to have been bought by Mario when he turned 25 last month.

However, it was also reported that Mario's mother Angela Leong paid for the property, which led to speculation that Ming Xi has been formally recognised as part of the Ho family. This was because prior to the birth of Ronaldo, she was never invited to live in Stanley's mansion and had been staying in a hotel.


Ming Xi was first rumoured to be pregnant in April last year but Mario shot them down and offered HK$100 million (S$17.4 million) to anyone who could prove otherwise. But the couple had Ronaldo just six months later, so go figure.

Subsequently, a netizen said Mario stood to gain from Ronaldo's birth because he would then get a bigger portion of the family fortune. In response, the scion said that "the distribution of the assets had been decided a long time ago, and that he did not need more money".

Regardless of whether these rumours are true, it's possible that Ming Xi will enjoy some level of recognition in the Ho family as Ronaldo is the first grandson to bear the family name.

At the least, she'll definitely live a life of luxury. After all, who can forget her lavish fairy tale proposal?

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