Moses Chan gets $18,000 monthly salary from TVB even though not filming: Reports

PHOTO: Instagram/moses_chan

Who doesn't want to sit at home, shake leg, and still earn money? It sounds like an impossible dream but Hong Kong actor Moses Chan seems to be living that life.

According to Hong Kong media, the 49-year-old renewed his contract with broadcasting company TVB last year, and it was a unique one as the company has to pay him a monthly salary of at least HKD$100,000 (S$18,393) even if he wasn't working.

Hence, though he's stopped work the last few months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, his income hasn't been affected. Moses is now back at work filming the upcoming production Armed Reaction 2020 till August.

In response, he reportedly told the media: "Thank you everyone for thinking so highly of me. I'll continue to do my best."

If the reports are true, his life does make one envious. However, he still has his wife, three kids, and a cafe business to support so he might need that pay cheque more than we realise.