NCT127 brings their world tour to a close with electrifying performance in Singapore

Three years since South Korean K-pop group NCT 127 promised to wake up the world, the champions descended upon the Singapore Indoor Stadium on July 20 for their debut world tour Neo City: The Origin. 

As the final performance of the tour, the air was filled with tangible energy as the fans, affectionately known as NCTzens, waited with bated breath, twinkling green lightsticks in hand.

They kicked off the night with their popular hit single 'Cherry Bomb', proving to us just who the biggest hits on the stage really were.

Their dances were nothing short of pure intensity, showing off their athletic prowess and complicated choreography. That's not to say their vocals were lacking, in fact, it was far from it. Vocal units Haechan, Taeil and Doyoung brought the crowd's fervour to a whole new height with their high notes.

An incredible line-up despite only having 9 members present. PHOTO: ONE Production

NCT127 hasn't always been the 10-member group you see today. Originally a seven-member team, they expanded to include Johnny, Doyoung and Jungwoo. Unfortunately, as Winwin was away promoting with NCT's Chinese subgroup WayV, he wasn't present during the tour. Even with just nine members on stage, they brought the energy of 10 to the stage for an electrifying eclectic performance.

Members Johnny, Mark and Jaehyun are no strangers to speaking English, easily cracking up the crowd with their charismatic jokes and wit, turning a complete 180-degree from their cool performing personas. The rest also did their best to speak in English, much to the delight of the fans who cheered on encouragingly. Japanese member Yuta teased the fans about their apparent "lack" of energy, suggesting to Mark that they should probably head home, playfully oblivious to the loud protests by the fans.

The boys were dorky and lovable, and their bubbly energy infectious. Doyoung and Jungwoo also gushed about their love for chilli and black pepper crab, saying they'd miss the fans but more importantly the food when they return home.

While NCT127 is known for their serious and cool performances, it didn't stop the boys from serenading the fans with their laid back ballads. Their romantic hits 'Highway to Heaven' and 'Angel' had the fans swooning on their feet. Taeil, Jaehyun and Doyoung took centre stage with their soulful rendition of 'Timeless' too.

Of course, it's not a concert without a gratuitous amount of skinship, and fans were quick to squeal over the fanservice offered.

Having waited to see the boys since their last performance during Hallyupopfest, it goes without saying the NCTzens were unwilling to part ways at the end of the night. As the boys headed backstage, the fans chanted for an encore. Not once did the fans determination waver, their voices only getting louder and louder.

Not one to disappoint, the boys returned to stage with their latest hit single 'Superhuman'.

It was encore after encore, seamlessly transitioning from talk segments to a song to talk segments again. Their final song for the night was '0 mile', aptly named to remind the fans that no matter how far they are, there will always be 0 miles between them.

One by one, the boys thanked the fans for their support the past half-year. The tour had been extremely gruelling, particularly on maknae (youngest member) Haechan who had broken his leg at the very start of the tour. Tears were shed, especially by Doyoung, as they recounted their gratitude and their feelings, but the members were quick to hug and reassure one another.

Alas, all good things have to come to an end, but in Mark's words, "It'll never be a goodbye forever."