Bling Empire’s Kevin drops his Cartier ring into the ocean just after receiving it from Christine Chiu at a yacht party

PHOTO: Instagram/kevin.kreider, Screengrab from Instagram/kanelk_k

Well, Bling Empire's Kevin Kreider just had an oopsie while partying with his castmates from the show (sans Anna Shay) and he's incredibly bummed out about it.

He lost a Cartier ring that he literally just received as a gift, and it probably cuts even deeper considering that he's the least wealthy cast member of the Netflix's hit reality show, which follows the lives of the crazy rich Asians in Los Angeles.

While he may have his own apartment now (an 'upgrade' from the rental he shared with others during the filming of the show), he's still not as rich as his co-stars.

Singaporean Kane Lim, who is also part of the cast and Kevin's good friend, shared a series of Instagram Stories today (Feb 1) documenting their yacht party. In one of the clips, he wrote "@kevin.kreider dropped his Cartier into the ocean" and he could be heard laughing before yelling "Kevin!"

PHOTO: Screengrabs from Instagram/kanelk_k

Unfortunately for Kevin, the ring is gone forever and he looked genuinely upset as it appeared the lost jewellery might be the only Cartier he's owned. Kevin could be heard crying out in frustration before saying what sounded like: "That was the only Cartier I got".

According to the Instagram Stories, it seemed the cast was gathered for a yacht party to celebrate the birthdays of Christine Chiu and Kane.

It's unclear who organised the party or chartered the yacht, but the ring was a gift from Christine and everyone in attendance got some Cartier bling.

As Kane put it: "You get one. Everyone gets Cartier."

PHOTO: Screengrab from Instagram/kanelk_k

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