Netflix will start charging extra fees for password sharing in 2023

PHOTO: Geek Culture

Netflix has announced that it will start to crack down on password sharing at the beginning of 2023. Customers who share their login credentials will be charged extra.

This is under the streamer's new system that adds fees to your plan for 'extra member' subaccounts when people outside your household use your membership. Basically, every listing on the 'Who's Watching?' screen will cost you extra money if they don't also live with you. 

Netflix did not specify the price of these new fees, but the new system has already been tested in a few Latin American countries. The fees charged during said test run were roughly one-quarter the price of a standard Netflix plan.

This news comes as Netflix attempts to grow and settle its investors after it lost 1.3 million subscribers earlier in the year. The company regained more than 2.4 million subscribers in its third quarter thanks to the help of The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and season four of Stranger Things, but it still has ways to go if it aims to remain afloat as the streaming wars get more and more competitive.

Prior to this, Netflix also announced a less expensive, ad-supported tier that will cost US$7 (S$10) from Nov 3 for subscribers in the US.

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This article was first published in Geek Culture.