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Before Netflix's Single's Inferno, breakout star Song Ji-a received DMs from male celebrities

Before Netflix's Single's Inferno, breakout star Song Ji-a received DMs from male celebrities
PHOTO: Instagram/Song Ji-a

As Korean reality show Single's Inferno tops the Singapore charts on Netflix, it's no surprise that the contestants' personal lives have generated interest among netizens. 

The show follows a group of attractive male and female contestants who try to find love while stranded on a remote island.

After completing various challenges, contestants who couple up with each other are rewarded with a stay in 'paradise', a nearby luxury hotel. 

The female contestant creating the loudest buzz is 25-year-old Song Ji-a, who is known for her resemblance to Blackpink's Jennie and IZ*ONE's Wonyoung.

Prior to Single's Inferno, she was a YouTuber who regularly posted beauty videos on her channel FreeZia. 

Since her debut on the show, many have expressed their support for her, praising her charm and good looks. Her Instagram account has seen a surge in popularity as well and she now has 1.6 million followers. 


It turns out, apart from charming her co-stars and audiences, Ji-a had also caught the attention of a few male celebrities who tried to ask her out via DM, reported Koreaboo. 


Ji-a revealed this as a guest on the Korean talkshow Video Star in June 2020, saying that she had been approached by at least three celebrities including an actor, a singer and an athlete. She admitted that she went out on dates with some of them but has chosen to remain only friends. 

She also divulged that some of these celebrities would send a simple "hello", while others would spam her until she replied.

With her sweet and demure appearance, some netizens have also questioned if she has had any work done to her face. 

According to media reports, Ji-a said that she had a nose job in middle school and maintained it was the only procedure she had. 

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