Netizens blame 'aunty' Wong Li Lin for Cristiano Ronaldo's 'visibly irritated' look in Singapore

Netizens blame 'aunty' Wong Li Lin for Cristiano Ronaldo's 'visibly irritated' look in Singapore
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Maybe it was the security guards.

Why did Portuguese football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo look irritated when he was in Singapore last week?

Netizens are blaming former actress Wong Li Lin, 50, who was seen holding on to his arm at Singapore Botanic Gardens on June 2.

TikToker Khan 7 addressed this issue in a video posted on Tuesday (June 6).

Sharing a clip of the incident, he said: "From watching this clip, you can see that Cristiano Ronaldo is very visibly irritated. Why is that the case?

"In my opinion, I think it's because he asking his security guards to move away, which when you analyse the video properly is I think is the main reason he looks so irritated.

"Or is it number two, because Wong Li Lin, the 'aunty' you guys have been calling in the comment section, was touching Ronaldo's arm and he was a bit agitated about that?"

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Most of the netizens chose number two.

One commented: "Bro, the aunty kept on touching him. Of course, la, he was irritated."

But many seemed more irritated by Wong themselves and projecting their irritation onto Ronaldo.

Wong was accompanying the footballer in Singapore as she is the chief executive of Peter Lim-owned Mint Media Sports, which acquired Ronaldo's image rights in 2015.

Stomp has contacted Mint Media Sports for more info.

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