I need to call you 'Mum': Jeffrey Xu marries Felicia Chin, apologises for calling mother-in-law 'auntie'

Felicia Chin and Jeffrey Xu sign their wedding papers and are officially husband and wife.
PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/XinJourney

For a moment, Jeffrey Xu was still living in the past.

This morning (Oct 22), celebrity couple Felicia Chin and Jeffrey Xu tied the knot in a wedding livestreamed to the public, with Jeffrey accidentally called his mother-in-law "auntie".

After the couple were officially married, they stood before their audience and expressed gratitude to the friends and family that have helped them along the way.

But as the 34-year-old Jeffrey was thanking his newly attained mother-in-law, he made a slight faux pas.

"I want to thank Auntie," he began, locking eyes with Felicia's mother.

Before he realised his mistake, light-hearted jeering started resounding from the audience and from his wife Felicia, 37, who was standing beside him.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry! NG! NG! NG!" Jeffrey quickly said. "This is the last time I'm calling her 'Auntie'. From now on, I'll be calling her 'Mum'."

The booing from the guests gathered switched to cheers, and Felicia's mother pinched her thumb and index fingers together and flashed a heart symbol at Jeffrey, visibly emotional.

Felicia Chin's mother (without mask) pinches her index finger and thumb together and flashes hearts at Jeffrey.
PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/XinJourney

Laughter amid tears

But Jeffrey wasn't the only one who had his fun at the wedding.

As they were saying their 'I do's', the teary-eyed Felicia couldn't help but laugh, giddy with happiness.

PHOTO: Mediacorp

Felicia also thanked Jeffrey's side of the family, specifically her mother-in-law, who wasn't able to physically attend the wedding at their undisclosed location due to Covid-19 regulations in Shanghai.

Said the former Mediacorp actress: "Thank you Mum, for standing by my side when Jeffrey and I quarrelled."

Felicia then burst into laughter while Jeffrey rolled his eyes, feigning irritation.

'I'm thankful we did not give up'

Leading up to their marriage, the couple also shared some memories with the public via posts on their Instagram pages.

Speaking from the perspective of Felicia, a post on Oct 17 of them posing in front of Tanglin Mall read: "Tanglin Mall holds special memories for us, this is where Jeffrey had the same vision as I at the same time — of the both of us at Eiffel Tower.

"Because of what happened, it led to Jeff having courage to ask me this question, 'Are you willing to have a family with me?'."

A post on Oct 18 depicting them holding hands and walking down a road recalled the first time Jeffrey and Felicia held hands seven years ago.

"Quick question, if the guy that you are dating holds your hands for the first time one day, do you still tell him, 'You didn't ask me if you want me to be your girlfriend'?

"I thought some things couldn't be taken for granted so I asked him," Felicia said. "This happened near the old Mediacorp and this is where we first held hands."

On Oct 19, the couple also revealed that 2019 was the lowest point of their relationship.

"I'm thankful we did not give up," the post stated. "As I'm recounting the past, I'm grateful. Because of everything that has happened, it made us understand one another much more."

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