Nicholas Tse denies being father of Cecilia Cheung's baby, says rumours are 'bewildering'

Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse has denied that he is the father of Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung's son, calling for everybody to stop spreading such rumours.

The star's comments on Saturday (Dec 29) come after various Hong Kong media outlets reported earlier this month that he was the mystery father of ex-wife Cheung's third child, who she recently gave birth to.

Several tabloids even alleged that Tse, 38, had broken up with his girlfriend, Chinese pop queen Faye Wong, and had been secretly visiting Cheung and her children.

Tse and Cheung, 38, divorced in 2011 after a five-year marriage. They have two sons, 11-year-old Lucas and eight-year-old Quintus.

Weibo was awash with similar rumours as well, including one which claimed Tse showed up for Cheung's baby's one-month party, where he kissed Cheung.

Tse's manager and studio rejected the rumours at the time, stating that they were "fake news". On Saturday, however, Tse himself wrote about the issue for the first time on his Weibo and Instagram accounts.

Writing in Chinese, he said that he was shocked by the rumours, which he called "bewildering", "shocking" and "baseless". He added that he is the father of only Lucas and Quintus and that he will try his best to fulfil his responsibilities as their father.

Tse said that his relationship is "stable", but stopped short of naming Wong, 49, in his post.

He added that he believed the rumours about Cheung and himself had likely caused the baby's real father a great deal of distress, and urged everyone to stop spreading the rumours so as to allow Cheung's children to grow up in a "real and healthy environment".

He concluded by saying that he would not comment any further on the issue.

Cheung's mother disclosed in a TV programme in March that Cheung's new boyfriend was a 65-year-old businessman from Singapore.

The buzz over the identity of Cheung's latest child's father began in late November, when it was reported that she had given birth to her third child.

Many speculated over the identity of the mysterious father, who some said could either be the Singaporean businessman or Chinese entertainment magnate Sun Donghai.

On Dec 18, however, Cheung's studio's Weibo account said that rumours about either of the pair being the father were fake.

Neither Cheung nor her studio has revealed the real identity of the father.

This article was first published in The Straits Times. Permission required for reproduction.