No joke: Cecilia Cheung's coronavirus get-up can't compare to what Selena Lee saw on a flight

Instagram/selenaleelalee, Instagram/cecilia_pakchi_cheung

One can never be too prepared.

So with a beanie, a huge pair of shades that could pass for ski goggles, and a surgical mask strapped to her face, that's how Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung chooses to tackle the Covid-19 epidemic.

Never mind the fact she's walking around in an indoor mall.

"Isn't my get-up so safe?" She asks in a video uploaded to her Instagram on Saturday (Feb 22). "Others think I'm going skiing."

The 39-year-old humorously demonstrates some of her skiing techniques for good measure.


But in all seriousness, she isn't playing around. The number of confirmed cases in Hong Kong has soared to 74, leaving two dead.

"Safety is the most important. Even though everyone says I'm too dramatic but ... Safety first!"

Cecilia can't, however, compare to this passenger Hong Kong actress Selena Lee ran into onboard a flight to Toronto that same day.

In a series of Instagram Stories, she highlights a peculiar passenger several seats in front with a plastic hood above the seat, forming some form of a makeshift tent.


We're not too sure if that's supposed to do anything, considering how the air inside aircraft cabins are actually much fresher than the likes of our homes and offices. 


From the looks of it, the TVB actress was stunned too.

Suddenly the videos of her scrubbing down her seat with paper towels and a bottle of disinfectant while wearing a pair of aviators and face mask seem to pale in comparison.

"I thought I was paranoid…" she said.