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No joke: 'He asked whether I felt bad for his penis', K-pop idol's ex reveals

No joke: 'He asked whether I felt bad for his penis', K-pop idol's ex reveals
K-pop singer Jang Moon-bok allegedly asked his then-girlfriend whether she felt bad for his penis.
PHOTO: Facebook/장문복

Valentine's Day is upon us but there's a fine line between being romantic and inappropriate.

Online K-pop fansite Allkpop reported that the ex-girlfriend of South Korean singer Jang Moon-bok made several scandalous claims about him in a revealing tell-all post published on an online forum.

The woman, who was not identified, claimed to have dated the 24-year-old Limitless member from October 2019 till late 2019, and she said: "When I wanted to sleep, he demanded sex and asked whether or not I felt bad for his penis." 

She said she met Moon-bok through mutual friends. During one meeting, while her friends had stepped away, he noticed her untied shoelaces and allegedly asked if he should "untie something else too". He put his arm around her waist while she tried to maintain her distance from him.

On subsequent outings with mutual friends, she claimed that Moon-bok demanded for kisses and sexual intercourse but she refused because they weren't dating. That led him to suggest that they should date, which they eventually did. During the course of their relationship, he "even asked for allowance once" and she gave him money, she said.

Things went south when she checked his mobile phone one day and realised that he had been in contact with other girls and giving them preferential treatment. She wrote: "He only bought me a cake after our mutual friends got him to, but he sent mobile gift cards to a bunch of other girls for their birthdays.

"He told me that he didn't invite any other girls to his Christmas concert, but I saw a lot of text messages inviting different girls. When I asked him about it, he said he had no hidden intentions and apologised, but I told him to get out of my house."

She added: "I needed a lot of courage to post this as a non-celebrity. I hope that there are no other victims like me. I have written only the truth." ​​​​​​

In response to the claims, Moon-bok allegedly went on Facebook and wrote: "We fought a lot in that short time... I think our fate ends here. I have many things that I can say but I will not say them."


According to Allkpop, his agency ONO Entertainment also released a statement admitting to Moon-bok's relationship with a "netizen A", but "they have already broken up". They added: "As this is a matter regarding the artiste's personal life, we will not be releasing any additional statements."

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