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'No thank you, I'd fall asleep': Sharon Au's mum turns down invitation to watch her perform live

'No thank you, I'd fall asleep': Sharon Au's mum turns down invitation to watch her perform live
Sharon Au invited her mother to watch her perform live, but was rejected.
PHOTO: Instagram/Sharon Au

Mother knows best, but mother might not be so interested in fine art.

In an Instagram post today (May 31), Sharon Au shared that she invited her mum to watch her perform in a theatrical show but was rejected.

The former Mediacorp actress wrote in her post: "When I got her tickets to watch Pompeii, the live cinema theatre piece I am performing in, she said, 'No thank you, I'd fall asleep. All the best, good luck.'

"She would rather stay home to watch Netflix K-dramas or play mahjong."

Pompeii is a production for the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) and follows the lives of people trapped in a bomb shelter following a cataclysm.

It addresses themes such as object permanence, interpersonal relationships and an inevitable death.


While her mother might not be willing to sit through the performance piece, Sharon, 47, is still appreciative of everything else her mother has done to help her.

"I love my mum, she supports everything I do. She sends me to rehearsals, she brings cut fruit to me at the Drama Centre because she knows I am watching my weight and too nervous to eat when I am performing.

"She buys me Rochor Road beancurd every day because that's my favourite dessert, and maybe also because when she was pregnant with me she ate nothing but beancurd," she stated.

Expressing her thanks to her mother, Sharon also cheekily added: "Please come and watch Pompeii since my own mother is not coming."


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Sharon has been living abroad in Paris since 2018 and worked as an investment director in a private equity firm.

Following a traumatic burglary incident in April last year that "took [away] everything she loved", she resigned from her job and has been recuperating ever since.

She returned to Singapore around May 19, announcing her participation in Pompeii.

"It's my first participation at the SIFA and I am charged for it," Sharon said. 

"It's good to be back on stage again. The realm of the theatre is, after all, where I feel most at home."


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'The girl who grew up in a kampung'

Aside from her exploits in the theatre, Sharon has also busied herself with fashion designer Andrew Gn's special retrospective exhibition which began May 27 at the Asian Civilisations Museum.

She didn't just attend out of courtesy, however — the designer is a figure that inspired her in the past.


She reminisced: "Andrew and I were both from Hwa Chong Junior College. How glorious it is to celebrate our talents that have gone and shone their light on a global stage, never forgetting that their roots are firmly here, in this tiny island we call home. 

"How did you get from a boy who grew up in Hougang to an acclaimed 'Mr Fashion Global Impact'? Your stories gave me hope. 

"The girl who grew up in a kampung on Florence Road (also Hougang) can be the main character in her life, too."


A post shared by Sharon Au (@sharonau13)

Tickets for Pompeii are currently available on the SIFA website and cost $48 per pax. For students, NSFs and seniors, tickets are $38 each.

Pompeii will show at 8pm on June 2 and 3, and 3pm on June 4 at the Drama Centre Theatre.


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