Not checking before calling? Taiwanese woman gets scolded for trying to order 14 cups of bubble tea at Aaron Yan's store

PHOTO: Weibo/炎亞綸吧

Taiwanese singer-actor Aaron Yan recently opened a bubble store called Checking Before Calling. It's an odd name to begin with, and after a netizen's recent experience with his staff, perhaps he might want to consider changing it to Calling Before Coming?

A Taiwanese woman shared online that she had tried to call the store twice beforehand to order 14 cups of bubble tea but it did not go through — pretty ironic for a shop named Checking Before Calling.

So, she decided to head down to the store directly and queued for 40 minutes to purchase her drinks, only to be told off by the staff that she should have called them in advance for large orders.

After explaining her side of the story, the staff bluntly replied: "You should have called until it went through, otherwise it seems like you are jumping the queue."

She later took to privately messaging the former Fahrenheit member on Instagram to relay her terrible experience at his shop, upset that she had been portrayed in a bad light in front of other customers.

"The staff member could have explained the situation to the other customers and asked them to wait a little longer instead of blaming my large order for the delay," the woman told Aaron.

PHOTO: Screengrab/Instagram/aayan1120

After learning about the situation, the 35-year-old responded, saying: "I have spoken to my staff on the phone and her choice of words may not have been wise and should be reflected on."

He continued that his staff will be mindful of how they communicate with customers and asked for her encouragement and support.

"This business means a lot to me and every drink flavour has been curated by my business partners and I. So I will devote 100 per cent of my efforts to protect and grow this business. Thank you for your feedback."

PHOTO: Screengrab/Instagram/aayan1120

While her experience may not have been a pleasant one, the woman clarified that her intention is not to put the blame on the staff member but to highlight how her choice of words may unintentionally upset customers.

"I think you are an excellent artiste and the drinks are really very delicious, it would be a pity if only the staff's attitude is poor," she added. "I hope that the staff can be taught to communicate better in the future and I wish you all the best in your business."