'Only old people listen to Jay Chou': Gen Z comments on Mandopop star stirs discussion

'Only old people listen to Jay Chou': Gen Z comments on Mandopop star stirs discussion
Jay Chou and a screengrab of the post on PTT discussion forum.
PHOTO: Instagram/Jay Chou, Screengrab/PTT discussion forum

If you listen to Jay Chou, are you old?

On Taiwan's popular discussion forum PTT, an anonymous netizen shared a comment made by their coworker who was born in 2003 and thus a Gen Z.

They wrote in their post: "Darn it… I was playing Jay Chou's songs in my shop. My coworker born in 2003 told me, 'Only old people listen to Jay.'

"So I asked her what kind of music she listens to, and she said she has been listening to NewJeans and BTS. Has Jay expired?" They ended the post with a crying emoji.

Some were supportive of the 20-year-old coworker and said: "Who is Jay?"

Many were outraged and gave rebuttals.

"This has nothing to do with expiry. Heard she is a blind K-pop fan," one said.

Another added: "What an idiot. Maybe her K-pop idols are Jay Chou fans."

A few gave other insights: "I thought BTS is no longer popular."

Some gave helpful perspectives, withone explaining: "Many young people were not born back then."

"You can try David Tao's first three albums instead," another said.

Jay, 44, dubbed King of Mandopop, has been active from 2000 to present, releasing one new album every year from 2000 to 2008, and six albums thereafter. David, 54, is known for popularising R&B in Mandopop, and released seven albums from 1997 to 2013.

Some took it another step further, citing their older favourites.

One user said: "Is he as popular as Fong Fei-fei?"

"Thankfully I only listen to Teresa Teng," another commented.


The late Teresa is dubbed the Eternal Queen of Asian Pop and was active from 1966 to 1995. The late Fei-fei, aka Queen of Hats, was active from 1971 to 2010.

Meanwhile, Jay has been spotted recording a show in Melbourne, Australia, where he watches a busker sing his songs, and taking Taiwanese diva A-mei for a ride, literally.

Members of the public saw A-mei being greeted by Funky Tu, a good friend and regular cast member of Jay's variety shows, at a hotel in Melbourne. After Funky opened the car door for her, she saw Jay seated on the driver's seat and exclaimed "Oh my god!" Then, she got onto the passenger seat.

A-mei is currently in Australia for her aMei ASMR World Tour.

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