'Only a wall separating us': Netizen in KL spots Louis Koo filming outside her workplace

'Only a wall separating us': Netizen in KL spots Louis Koo filming outside her workplace
A netizen spotted Louis Koo filming outside her workplace.
PHOTO: Screengrab/Xiaohongshu, Instagram/Louis Koo

Work can be tiring, but one woman in Malaysia was met with a sight for sore eyes.

Hong Kong actor Louis Koo was shooting right outside her workplace.

One user, going by the name Mala Xingtan on Xiaohongshu, wrote about her experience in a series of posts on Wednesday (Sept 13).

"There is only a wall separating Louis Koo and me," she wrote. "Just a wall away, if you break it down, we could walk side-by-side."

Her accompanying photos show a car, presumably with Louis inside, arriving in a driveway between two buildings. The next post shows the 52-year-old surrounded by a large camera crew.

Another post by the user reads: "Louis Koo is downstairs, below my office. Happiness comes too suddenly."

In it, Louis can be seen walking around the set wearing an oversized polo shirt and dark jeans. Four crew members with umbrellas run after him to provide him shade. He is also seen getting into a black van.

"Is he wearing a wig? Why does he have so much hair?" a netizen asked.

Mala Xingtan responded: "Haha, don't be ridiculous."


Others commented that they were "envious" and even asked if Mala Xingtan's company was hiring so they could catch a glimpse of the Hong Kong star too.

While Mala Xingtan only said she was somewhere in downtown Kuala Lumpur, internet sleuths deduced that the location was near Merdeka View Apartment in Kampung Attap.

A netizen who purportedly lived in a condominium nearby had a near-miss.

She had noticed "big trucks" with filming equipment and costumes arriving at 7am and she had waited at the set for about 20 minutes when she returned from work at 3pm.

"I didn't wait anymore because it was too hot, and I told my friend. She only told me the next morning that I missed Louis Koo," she added with a crying emoji.

According to Malaysian media reports, Louis is filming for an upcoming action movie titled Tailgating (transliteration), which also stars Hong Kong actors Chrissy Chau and Raymond Wong, Taiwanese actor Liu Kuan-ting and Malaysian actress Yumi Wong.

Louis was seen shooting two scenes inside a car, one of him making a phone call and another having a conversation with actress Renci Yeung.



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