Paris Hilton stops 'playing the character' because of coronavirus lockdown


Paris Hilton has stopped "playing the character" since the coronavirus lockdown.

The 39-year-old TV star has confessed to playing up to a stereotype earlier in her career, but Paris thinks lockdown has proven to be a turning point in her life.

She shared: "Before [lockdown], life was travelling to different countries constantly, being around strangers, just playing the character all the time, so you forget who you are almost and get lost in it.

"But it's not who I am or how I want to be remembered. I'm kind-hearted and smart."

Paris is now planning to stop her DJ gigs in Ibiza and intends to change her lifestyle entirely.

She told the Sunday Times newspaper: "I'm sick of giving my life away so much and travelling and not having any personal life whatsoever."

Paris decided to freeze her eggs a few years ago following a conversation with Kim Kardashian West.

And the blonde beauty - who is currently dating businessman Carter Reum - actually thinks "every woman" should consider freezing their eggs.

She said: "I had a really amazing conversation with Kim about it. She introduced me to her doctor, and I was so inspired by her to actually do it.

"I think every woman should do it because you can really control it and not have that 'Oh my God, I need to get married.'"

Paris is also convinced she's finally found the love of her life in Carter, admitting she was "just acting" in some of her previous relationships.

The TV star - who has been engaged three times before - said: "I've said 'He's the one' before just because I always wanted to portray 'I'm so happy with the perfect life, the perfect boyfriend', but I never truly felt that.

"I was just acting."