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Patricia Mok apologises to Ann Kok in tears

Patricia Mok apologises to Ann Kok in tears
PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook/Mediacorp Channel 8

Barely 30 seconds after the question was asked, local comedienne Patricia Mok began crying.

And despite not knowing what caused the unexpected burst of emotions, actress Ann Kok started sobbing as well.

The two were guests on a recent episode of the meWATCH talkshow Friend or Foe, and in one of the segments, Ann asked Patricia about the latter's favourite memory of their time together.

While they've known each other for around 12 years, they said it was only in 2012 that they've gotten closer.

Patricia, 48, replied that it was during her first trip to South Korea, where Ann had shown her around the country. There were happy as well as sad moments on the holiday, she said as her voice broke.

"Why are you crying even before you tell the story?" Ann, 47, laughed as she dabbed the tears from her eyes, adding that she couldn't stop herself when she saw Patricia crying.

Patricia continued: "We've never talked about this. During the trip, Ann introduced her Korean friends to me, and we were really happy because we had dinner with five guys. Some were handsome and some were not.The youngest one was only 21 years old then.

"But something happened and I scolded Ann when we returned to the hotel. I was very drunk at that time."

She added: "I woke up the next day knowing that I had chided her but I couldn't remember what I had said. I felt guilty but I couldn't put down my pride to apologise to her."

Patricia had thought that whatever she said in her drunken stupor probably wasn't anything serious.

Ann never mentioned that incident again. It was only recently that Patricia brought up the episode. 


"Ann told me that I had said some unpleasant things to her, but she brushed it away and said to forget the matter. Even till now, she doesn't want to reveal what I had said. I felt that she has forgiven me but I want to say sorry to her," Patricia explained.

"Maybe it was a thorn in her heart all these years but she never told me about it. I never asked her about it and I swept the quarrel under the carpet. I want to apologise to her here."

As both sobbed, Ann reassured her friend that there was no need to apologise anymore.

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